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Via Bellatoris. Mind & Body Transformation

Iggy McGowan has dedicated himself to a lifelong pursuit of excellence in the areas of both the martial and healing arts. His knowledge of the body and understanding of the warrior philosophy can be seen in the successful transformation of his clients. The true measure of effectiveness is result. The result seen in the lives of those he trains and treats.

“After many years of disciplining and developing myself through my martial tradition I began a wider study of self mastery. I began as a full time student of Magister Daire Russell to develop the foundation of my ability not only to transform the body of the warrior, but  the mind in the body, the life in the flesh. 

I work in and represent an ancient tradition of warrior/ healer.
A philosophy of transformation.
A tradition of beautiful power.”

Iggy offers 4 key services for his clients transformation:

Transformation of consciousness through training, diet, mindset and treatment.

The body is only a reflection of consciousness. The weak overweight body is the weak lazy mind. The unhealthy disempowered body and mind are transformed.

Strong body.

Powerful mind.

Restored health and a beautiful life are the result.

All is a reflection of consciousness. What we do in one thing reverberates through all things. Consciousness is transformed through diet, training, mindset and treatment. Either through one or all of these.

Ultimately all are one.

The mind, body and life are transformed.  The principles and understanding developed, along with guidance in application, result in complete power within self.

Life mastery.

The ability to consciously create the desired life.


In my work, I'm asked on a daily basis questions related to diet, nutrition and healing the gut.

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Mind and Body Disciplines

Personal Training

Boxing/ Kickboxing/ Muaythai Strength & conditioning 

Transform your mind & body in the way of the warrior!

Train with a professional fighter/ instructor that has over 16years experience.

Gain confidence and be at your best fighting form.  Learning correct fighting technique while dramatically improving all areas of fitness.


Naprapathic massage and manipulation

Specialising in sports, injury, remedial, deep tissue, pre and post natal massage.

Diet / nutrition 

Life is a reflection of the energy that you choose to nourish yourself with.  We are nourished by the thoughts that we think and the food that we eat.  Both are a choice.  A beautiful life is to move through changes with ease and gentle strength, to experience an abundance of energy and joy,  to experience total wellbeing and health in all areas of your life.  A beautiful life begins with a solid foundation.  Diet is the foundation of a beautiful life.

Mind discipline/ fearless mindset 

In weakness,  we limit our self with fear that controls our life.

In strength,  we can use limitation in the form of discipline to break free.

Limiting behaviour begins in the mind.

What Is Your Victory

What is your victory? Defeat is simply a learning process to victory. A defeat is an opportunity to assess and correct any weakness in your arsenal. Doing so enables you to develop physically and mentally in the aftermath of defeat. When the lessons are learned there...

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Choose Powerfully To Create A Powerful Life

A fearless mindset is forged through discipline and constant correction. You must correct your mind when any limiting or destructive thoughts come up. The same as training the body daily so to the mind must be trained. This is done through awareness of your thoughts...

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The Basics Are The Foundation To An Art Of Power

To knock down a wall, hit it in the same place repeatedly. At the base. The foundation. Over and over again. To develop martially you must practice the basics repetitively. Again and again. Not one hundred new techniques. Learn. Apply. Repeat the basics. The basics...

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Live Simply in Strong Foundation

There is no quick fix or shortcut to true health. It is built through simple repetition upon a solid foundation. Simple diet. Simple training. Simplicity and consistency are the key to lasting health. Without a solid foundation nothing is held. Iggy offers services...

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Stand Strong In Your Ability

Self-doubt is eliminated with development of technique and application, in logical assessment of ability. If your doubt is rational, work on your ability. If it is not rational, then live in realistic confidence. Know from your training that you have all you need...

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Mind & Body Discipline

Mental preparation is done in training. The mind should be trained daily with the body. The punch is programmed through repetition, so too the mind must be trained. Relaxation. Mind in body. Constant correction of the mind back to the present moment. Mind and body...

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Principle is the Foundation of all Technique

All circular strikes have their force generated from the hips and shoulders turning. The hook and elbow are one principle. The application changes due to situation and circumstance. The arm is simply shortened to create a close range weapon. The movement of the body...

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Fear is the Emotion. Instinct is the Power.

With knowledge fear is transmuted into instinct. No energy can be destroyed it can only be transformed. Therefore fear can be transformed into pure energy of instinct. Fear is the emotion, instinct is the power. Iggy offers services in: Life Transformation Gold Coast...

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Principles Adapt to Form Technique

The elbow is a hook, cross or uppercut shortened for close range fighting. The elbow saves the hands from being damaged. The elbow is the hardest joint in the body. The precision of the elbow is what does the damage. The 45° angle that the elbow is thrown is an angle...

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Create Space. See the Way.

Distance is used in a fight to keep you out of the adversary's reach. Range is a position in which you can stand where you can hit without being hit. The space between you and adversary. From the position of safety you wait and watch. See the opening and act. When...

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