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Iggy McGowan the story of transformation

My life was once extremely chaotic and destructive. I was diagnosed with a number of mental health issues such as  depression, anxiety, ADHD to name a few. I had many suicidal thoughts and even attempted suicide. I was heavily medicated for many of these diagnoses, yet my life still out of balance. I self-medicated for years also with alcohol and illegal drugs. I was involved in a lot of violence and criminal activity.

Amidst the chaos and destruction that was my life I always continued my search for balance. A number of years ago I became a student of Magister Daire Russell, Master of European traditional medicine. Magister Daire practices a complete medical tradition and treats individuals world wide using soft laser and meridian therapy, in conjunction with herbal medicine, hand made from a unique ancient practice to form the base of treatment.

His way is based on classical medical herbalism and treatment of injury and disease through systematic diagnosis and treatment of the physical and energetic complex of total being.  With the discipline I had cultivated as a martial artist, and the knowledge taught to me by Magister Daire Russell, I completely transformed my life. I now live a simple life that is peaceful and harmonious.

I have an amazing level of health and vitality. I eat a pure diet and live a natural lifestyle. My life is now balanced and harmonious as is my mind. I no longer am dependent on anything outside of myself. I no longer drink alcohol or take illegal drugs or prescription drugs and haven’t for years now.

In my daily work as a martial arts teacher and physical therapist,  I guide my clients in the transformation of their lives. I train the mind and body as one. My existing clients are transforming all areas of their life with the application of principles and mindset developed in training.

The physical is transformed.

The health is transformed.

The mind is transformed.

The life is transformed.

I guide clients to break the hold of weakness and step into the stance of strength.  As a healer and warrior, I will guide you to complete power within self. Overcome the destructive mind. Heal the disempowered body. Master your mind, body and spirit.




In my work, I'm asked on a daily basis questions related to diet, nutrition and healing the gut.

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Iggy McGowan

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