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What Iggy can do for you

Personal Training 

Boxing/ Kickboxing/ Muaythai Strength & conditioning 

Transform your mind & body in the way of the warrior! Train with a professional fighter/ instructor that has over 16years experience.

Gain confidence and be at your best fighting form.  Learning correct fighting technique while dramatically improving all areas of fitness.

Just some of the benefits include gaining, developing & enhancing:

  • strength, power and speed
  • balance and coordination
  • flexibility and reflexes
  • inner strength and emotional balance


Naprapathic massage and manipulation

Specialising in sports, injury, remedial, deep tissue, pre and post natal massage.

Just some of the benefits quality massage gives you:

  • reduced muscle tension
  • improved circulation
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • reduction of stress hormones
  • increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • improved skin tone
  • speedier healing of soft tissue injuries
  • heightened mental alertness
  • reduced anxiety and depression
Meridian therapy

  • Benefits gained through meridian therapy:
  • Stimulate the related points, channels and muscles of the body
  • Improve blood circulation and metabolism
  • Regulate the flow of life energy
  • Remove stagnation and toxins
  • Balance internal organs
  • Recover the functions of the tendons, bones and joints
  • Eliminate tiredness and fatigue
  • Cure diseases and strengthen the body
  • Stop pain

The basis of the physical treatments offered Is now expanding under guidance within a system of:

  • European Traditional Medicine
  • Meridian therapies
  • Phytomedicine – diet and herbs
  • Mind – Body balance
  • Applied warrior philosophies

My base of knowledge and experience is being developed within a complete healing and philosophical tradition.

Diet / nutrition 

Life is a reflection of the energy that you choose to nourish yourself with.  We are nourished by the thoughts that we think and the food that we eat.  Both are a choice.  A beautiful life is to move through changes with ease and gentle strength, to experience an abundance of energy and joy,  to experience total wellbeing and health in all areas of your life.  A beautiful life begins with a solid foundation.  Diet is the foundation of a beautiful life.

When you choose to eat a nutritious plant based diet you are choosing to consume a higher quality of energy, this choice reverberates through the whole of your life.  A higher quality of energy then vibrates through your work and relationships.  The higher quality and pure energy that you consume through your diet is what your body energetically feeds off, so too does your mind.   As a result your overall experience of life transforms to one of high quality. Choosing a quick fix of fast foods and nothing wholesome will call that same lack of energy to you, in all areas of your life.

Simple food. Simple training.

The stance of the fighter is the foundation of his art.
The diet of the fighter is the foundation of his body.
Both are simple correction, simple repetition.
It is useless to train and repeat flawed technique.
It is destructive to live on flawed diet.
Technique has not changed.
Natural diet has not changed.
People have changed.
It is time to return to the basics.
Natural diet.
Powerful craft.
The beautiful art of the warrior.

Mind discipline/ fearless mindset 

In weakness, we limit ourselves with fear that controls our lives. In strength,  we can use limitation in the form of discipline to break free. Limiting behaviour begins in the mind. It can appear as fearful thought or we can limit and control it with discipline. Correction of mind is done the same as correction of physical technique.

Awareness of flawed thought pattern. Constant correction of mind to desired result. With repeated correction the new path is created. The new pattern has been consciously chosen.

Discipline is the key to all success. Discipline is the key to freedom. The process is simple. Make a choice of your desired outcome. Then do what must be done.

To develop physical strength you must be disciplined with your training. Do not let weakness rule you. Making powerful choices to not give in to weakness. Consistent and repetitious action. Always remaining focused and moving toward the target. The same applies to the mind.

Not giving in to the weak voices in the head. Not reacting emotionally. Constantly correcting the mind in strength.  Keeping attention on the desired outcome. Transmuting fearful ideas, with knowledge, back into your power. The disciplined mind then acts powerfully.

Mental preparation is done in training. The mind should be trained daily with the body. The punch is programmed through repetition, so too the mind must be trained.

Relaxation. Mind in body. Constant correction of the mind back to the present moment. Mind and body discipline.

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