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Results achieved

Christian Trocki

“12 months ago I weighed 140kg.
I was unhappy, self esteem was low and a complete lack of motivation collectively led me to be in that position.
After 12 months of working with Iggy I’ve lost 52kg.
I am no longer ruled by a weak mind!
My health is at an all time high”.

Christian results

Quail Martinez

“Through Iggy’s wholistic regime of mind and body training, in the gym and through his treatment as a therapist, I have found a new life.
Physically and mentally”.

Quail resullts

Shane Wilson

“I can’t thank Iggy McGowan enough for helping me through my 12 week Challenge.
I saw Iggy weekly for 1 hour massages and had consults to get my diet on track.
I have lost 13kg and dropped my body fat from 29% to 16%”.

shane results


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