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Distance is used in a fight to keep you out of the adversary’s reach.
Range is a position in which you can stand where you can hit without being hit.
The space between you and adversary.
From the position of safety you wait and watch.
See the opening and act.
When this space is created it allows a position to see patterns in the adversary.
The weakness, opening and way through can then be seen.

The same principle is to be applied in life.
When it comes to challenging situations, people or events.
To ‘sit with’ something is to create space.
To be the watcher of behavioural patterns, rather than reactive and therefore continuing the pattern.
This is how change is created.
Space must be created.
Observe the thoughts and emotions that arise, do not react.
Once this is done, you can then consciously and powerfully choose to act in a new way.
Through repetition the new pattern is created.


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