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I have worked with a number of clients that are extremely creative.
Many of them have struggled with being productive in their life as a result of rejecting discipline.
The rejection and resistance of discipline is due to the idea they held that discipline would take from their creativity when in fact discipline enhances creativity.
Martial arts training cultivates an internal ability to focus energy toward a chosen intent.
The discipline learnt through training can then be applied in life.
The ability to create structures to pour creativity into and accomplish tasks in an effective and powerful manner.
Without discipline the ideas of creative people will forever remain ideas as they are off in the ether dreaming.
Martial training grounds you and gets you into your body.
Discipline enables you to focus your creative energy, utilise your time productively and bring ideas into reality.


– 1:2:1 & Group Training
– Fearless Mindset Mentoring
– Massage & Naprapathic Adjustment

Tailored packages available.

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