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Leg kicks are a devastating weapon of combat. Properly deployed, it can severely diminish your opponent’s offensive and defensive capabilities and alter the course of a fight.
Damage from low kicks diminish the leg’s weight bearing capability, and thus, balance and footwork. As your mobility becomes increasingly compromised, you forfeit control of range and timing to your opponent.
Leg kicks not only lessen the effectiveness of your kicks and knees, but also punches and elbows. With an injured lead leg, it becomes too difficult to “sit down” on punches. With a damaged rear leg, it becomes difficult to push-off the ground and generate torque.
Properly placed leg kicks will also cause the thigh muscles to immediately swell and stiffen up. This makes it difficult to lift your leg to check subsequent kicks and fade away from strikes.
There are many major nerves running through the thigh which make leg kicks especially painful. Even the toughest fighters will be a little more cautious to attack after receiving a few hard chopping kicks to the thigh.
Along with major nerves, there are also meridians running through the thigh connecting to major organs such as the liver and gall bladder. Strikes to these points can cause a toxic release from the organ, poisoning the body and severely impede performance.


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