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All of my life I have enjoyed being fit and lean, until fertility issues led to my husband and I undertaking ten years of IVF treatment. Within a few short weeks, my slender 54 kilo frame ballooned to well over 60 kilos. I was bloated, tired and sick. Following my unsuccessful IVF treatment, I found myself bullied at work, leading to further health issues, including chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), restless sleep, anxiety and panic. The situation at work meant that I was scared to leave the safety of my home and husband. The stress, anxiety, panic and loss of quality sleep made my IBS intensify – I was tired, had no energy, lost all my self confidence and self-esteem and my weight ballooned.

During the three months I took off work to attend to my wellness, my father suggested I take up some form of martial art to help with all that was troubling me. A friend recommended Iggy McGowan.

The day I met Iggy I was very panicked, and in a very troubled frame of mind, as well as being in a terrible physical state. Iggy listened attentively and quickly put me at ease – making me feel calm and safe in his presence. I started training one-on-one twice per week with Iggy in December 2017 (weighing 73 kilos). In addition to the physical training in Muay Thai, Iggy devised a nutrition plan and prescribed a very special herbal medicine. Periodically, Iggy also provided me with mindset coaching, bullying / self-defence awareness sessions, and targeted massage treatments.

The results in ten short weeks have exceeded all my expectations. The day after my first session, I returned to the workplace with confidence, and at present, all my work-related worries have resolved. My fitness, stamina, self-confidence and self-esteem has been restored. I no longer suffer anxiety, panic or IBS, and have excellent quality energy and sleep. I have also lost 9 kilos with my physique toning dramatically.

I have found Iggy to be wise beyond his years. His knowledge, not only of Muay Thai and massage, but also nutrition, healing the gut, bullying prevention and powerful mindset techniques are second to none. Having someone skilled and qualified to be there to reassure me, as a listening ear, to share wisdom, philosophy and other tips has been life changing. I am overwhelmed with how quickly I have made progress. I am now happy, confident and empowered, both in and outside the home, gym and workplace.

By cultivating physical and mental discipline, I have been able to shift my mindset from fear to confidence. Muay Thai and mind-set coaching has been a way to reclaim territory in my own mind, instead of letting a bully run all over me physically and mentally, and slowly, I am developing a sense of how to protect myself. Whilst I have a long way to go, I have been surprised by my physical abilities, strength and stamina, as well as my ability to defend myself. At 45 years of age, the realisation of what my body is capable of, has evoked a sheer sense of power, which will only get stronger, as my journey with Iggy McGowan continues.


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