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The jab is a conditioned initial response that creates a distance to see or feel the situation.
The jab enables you to know the range to address the frontal linear attack.
It is a strike of position that is automatic to the natural direction.
The jab is the most instinctive of the punches.
Yet when the position becomes agile it works the angle gracefully overriding the defences to penetrate through the oncoming onslaught.
The jab is an agile sword.
It is itself a shield.
The masterful jab is a deadly defence.
How to throw the jab.
Begin in your stance with your hands up, elbows in, knees slightly bent and back heel off the ground.
The weight through the balls of the feet.
Shift your weight from the back leg to the front in a drop step as the strike is thrown.
Extend your left fist (for orthodox, opposite for southpaw) straight out toward the target keeping your chin tucked in behind your shoulder and your right hand up protecting your face.
Rotate the shoulder and arm as the punch is thrown in a corkscrew motion.
Your left palm should start facing you then when it is extended the fist rotates so that the palm faces down.
As soon as the strike hits, quickly pull it straight back to the starting position.
Remain relaxed throughout the movement tightening the fist only upon impact.
Any tension before impact will burn up energy, create rigidity and take from speed and power.
Exhale sharply with the breath as the strike is thrown delivering the energy through the strike.

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