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The knee is an extremely damaging and versatile weapon used in long, medium and close range attacks.

The knee can be used as an offensive weapon when going forward or it can be used to counterattack your opponent.

The power of the knee is generated from the legs and hips.

There are many variations of knee strikes.

One simple and effective way is explained below.

With legs slightly bent, explode your body forward off your back foot, towards your opponents head and wrap your hands around the back of your opponent’s neck.

Do not lock your fingers together, rather cup the crown of the opponents head and drive your elbows into their collar bones for leverage as you pull down the head.

This should be done all in one fluid motion.

Keeping your hands locked together on the crown of the opponents head the entire time.

Pull down on the head and neck of your opponent towards your dominant knee, while simultaneously exploding your dominant knee forward, thrust your hips inward to strike the face or body of your opponent with your knee.

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