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You cannot expect to perform at your best when you constantly unbalance yourself with your diet.
When your weight is constantly fluctuating from lean and healthy to fat and overweight.
When your gut health is disrupted throwing your hormones and your mind out of balance.
You cannot and will not perform at your full potential.
Yo-yo dieting.
Struggling to cut weight.
Feeling stressed and depressed then expecting to perform at your optimal in a fight.
This is simply not an effective strategy.
Maintaining a healthy diet, consistent weight and balanced mind enables you to perform at your optimum.
You can then spend your time, energy and preparation sharpening and developing your skills.
Rather than trying to start from scratch again and struggling to get from fat to fit in time to compete.
When you are consistently balanced, feeling sharp and energetic through correct nutrition the process of training becomes enjoyable.
Establish a strong foundation for peak performance with a pure diet.

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