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Martial arts has always been around and always will be around.
Martial training is a gateway to knowing your self, facing your fears and transmuting fear into power.
It is the ultimate practice of mind in body.
Mind and body trained as one.
Discipline of attention.
Being where you are.
Focus and stillness.
Choosing a course of action and sticking to it until the desired outcome is achieved.
The practice of repetition and constant correction.
Through martial arts training, something wonderful happens.
You begin to feel confidence rise inside you.
You feel alive.
At times you are in flow.
You become intimate with the present moment.
As you leave the gym and as you go about your everyday life, you know that come what may you are prepared.
You confidently apply the same principles to any challenging situations or conflict in life as you would in combat.
The martial artist lives a life of beauty and power.

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