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Teacher vs trainer
A teacher is someone who has mastered the craft.
A teacher has a solid understanding of principles.
A teacher has knowledge through application and experience in their own life.
A trainer has the information, knows the basics, but not the whole.
Often lacking the experience and knowledge to teach by example.
A trainer often lacks self discipline whilst attempting to instil self discipline in another, through words without example.
A teacher is able to bring someone up in a disciplined manner with certainty of the next step.
A teacher must guide through example.
For this reason a teacher must have a much stronger discipline than the student.
When people come to train with me, it is not expected that they will live a life as disciplined as myself.
Rather, that a small amount of the discipline I display is learnt and applied to their own life.
Self discipline is gained.
And in the words of a master “A trainer knows the basics
A teacher has mastered the craft
A master lives the art”

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